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Fastlane International has been delivering first-class, cheap international courier services for 30 years. No matter what you are sending, where you are sending it or how quickly you need it to arrive, Fastlane has a wide range of cost-effective international parcel delivery services to suit you or your businesses' requirements. We offer the world's leading couriers such as DHL and TNT with the most reliable and extensive delivery networks at up to 60% discount compared with booking direct. If you are sending an international parcel, Fastlane delivers cheap international shipping you can depend on.

Fastlane International delivers to 220 countries:

  • Fast courier services to North America: next day from £18.56
  • Australasia: Shipping to Australia and New Zealand: 4-6 days from £29.35
  • Cheap, fast European Union delivery: Next day from £12.95
  • Courier services to Asia, including China and Hong Kong: 2-4 days from £29.35
  • Parcel Delivery to Africa, including South Africa: 3-5 days from £29.65
  • Courier Services to South America: 3-5 days from £23.30

Cheap, Flexible International Delivery with Zero Compromises

Fastlane International offers a wide range of worldwide door to door parcel delivery services including Express, Economy, Next Day and Timed deliveries. Timed options guarantee delivery for pre 9am, 10.30am and midday with a money back guarantee as standard. Not all couriers offer international delivery for large and heavy shipments but Fastlane specializes in bulkier shipping and pallet services. Read more

Fastlane is a pro-active business-friendly international courier. Whether you are an individual, an SME, larger corporate or marketplace retailer, we have 30 years of experience working with premium global carriers. We offer real time tracking and pro-active shipment notifications on every delivery, and we can even collect same day from all except the most remote UK location. We also offer Air Freight Forwarding services to our customers. You don't need an account or even to register to use Fastlane's international services, however if you do, you'll be eligible for an additional 5% saving on all our already heavily discounted international delivery rates.

Navigating Worldwide Parcel Delivery

If you are shipping abroad, your package falls into one of two main categories: Shipping from the UK to any European Union (EU) country or worldwide shipping. If you are shipping to the USA, sending a parcel to China, or a large and heavy shipment to Australia, you will require customs documents. Your items will be inspected by customs and are likely to be subject to customs duty and tax charges. Read More

When your goods are assessed at point of entry to the destination country, customs authorities will check your customs documents. Customs documents, or customs invoices as they are also known, declare each item, their individual value and the reason for shipping. For example, they could be business samples, gifts or personal effects. Each country has different rules, rates and regulations and all international couriers have to comply.The Fastlane International customer care team is highly experienced in dealing with any customs issues and can advise on rules for a particular country.

In certain countries, some items will be exempt from customs charges. For example, gifts under that particular countries' specified gift value threshold. It is worth checking with the customs authority in the country you're sending to before, or as part of your booking activity.

It is important to understand that these charges cannot be included in your original Fastlane quote as they are applied at point of entry to the destination country. Any charges will usually have to be paid by the recipient of your international shipment. Your goods will be held at customs until the charges have been resolved and as a rule of thumb, we recommend you factor in two additional transit days for customs clearance.

It is also important to check whether your items are accepted by the destination country and whether they are considered prohibited or non-compensation items. A prohibited item cannot be sent via a standard courier delivery. Please check our Prohibited Items list. There are also a number of items that are not protected by our standard insurance and must be sent at your own risk. Please see Fastlane's summary of compensation exclusions.

Packaging an International Parcel

As you will expect, an international parcel travels further and undergoes a higher number of handling stages than a UK delivery. Your parcel will be handled multiple times, be processed in a number of sorting facilities and potentially travel via additional international destinations. It is extremely important you package your goods in accordance with Fastlane's packaging criteria to avoid any possible chance of damage in transit. We choose partner carriers with the best reputations for secure and sensitive handling, but you can help avoid any problems. Read More

Ideally use a new, dedicated packing box,
If you are using an old box, make sure it is robust with all seams intact.

Check all flaps and seams are secure.

Ensure any old labelling, address details and barcodes have been removed.

Use strong packaging tape and secure all the joins. Sellotape or masking tape will not suffice.

To ensure your items are cushioned sufficiently, place as much cushioning material (bubble wrap, foam insulation or polystyrene packing chips) as possible inside the box.

Individually wrap or insulate each item within the box.

Check your products are not touching the inside walls.

Avoid using paper, plastic or string on the outer packaging.

If you are sending a gift, do not use gift wrapping paper as your outer packaging and consider placing your items in a gift bag within your box.

Check the delivery and return details on your labels.

Place a duplicate address label inside your package

Please note, in the rare event of damage to your items in transit, our £50 liability cover only applies if your parcel has been packaged correctly.

International Parcel Tracking

Not all couriers offer full parcel tracking on worldwide courier services. For example, on some services, Parcelforce will only confirm final delivery. Fastlane International uses carriers with highly developed track and trace facilities alongside our own technology to provide Fastlane customers with up to the minute real-time scan information on their parcels. Read More

A Fastlane customer can monitor their parcel from collection to final delivery.

If you are monitoring your parcel's transit and the status shows 'exception', this indicates a potential delay. For example, a parcel may be held in customs awaiting clearance. At this point, check the scan information for details and if required, contact our customer service team who will help resolve any issues.

Fastlane International delivers to-

International Courier Services via Mobile or App

Fastlane International's worldwide delivery services are easily accessible via the Fastlane desktop app or our iShipper mobile app. You can track your parcel on the go and access up to the minute real-time scan information, obtain quotes and place bookings from your smartphone or tablet. We understand the importance of customer flexibility and through 2015 will be implanting further tech-advances to assist the Fastlane customer.

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