We do not have a dedicated call centre as we have to keep costs to a minimum in order to pass these savings on to you. We therefore respectfully request that you try to find the answer to your question:

Are collection times guaranteed?

No. Collection times cannot be guaranteed. This is due to several factors that can occasionally influence collections such as traffic, weather, the number of pick-ups the driver may be carrying out that day, etc. read more

As a result, it is impossible to pinpoint and guarantee a collection time. However, for your convenience, we offer the smallest time windows possible by your chosen agent. These will be displayed to you during the booking process. These commence at 8:00 am, with the last pick-ups of the day occurring at 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday (excluding public and bank holidays).

Are transit times door-to-door?

Yes, unless otherwise and specifically stated.

Buying goods from European Union countries?

Within the EU, goods do not have to be declared to Customs. However, Excise Duty must be paid on Excisable goods. DHL does not normally carry goods subject to Excise Duty read more

List Of European union (EU) Countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland, Republic of
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

Buying goods from non-European Union countries?

What goods are subject to Duty and VAT? All goods imported into the UK from outside the EU must be declared to HM Customs and Excise and, in most cases, are subject to Customs Duty and VAT. This includes goods bought over the Internet.

Calculating the volumetric weight of your parcel!

Although our parcel delivery instant quote system automatically calculates this for you, some customers wish to know the formula for how DHL, and our other agents, calculate volumetric weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the price that we charge you. read more

Different Agents Use Different Volumetric Denominators:

  • DHL Express and Economy USA use 5000 as the denominator
  • DHL Euro Road use 4000 as the denominator
  • TNT use 4000 as the denominator
  • For air express services, volumetric weights are calculated using the formula below (DHL Express example):

Length x Width x Height in centimetres / 5000 = volumetric weight in kilograms

For shipments measured in inches, such as inbound shipments from the USA, the equivalent formula is:

Length x Width x Height in inches / 305 = volumetric weight in kilograms

For air express shipments, you can calculate volumetric weight using our volumetric calculator.

Can I book over the phone?

Yes, however in order to keep our fixed costs down so that we can provide you with the lowest available price, we do not maintain a call centre to accept bookings. You are welcome to ring us with your booking but please be advised you may be on hold for several minutes. read more


If you have access to the Internet, our online parcel delivery instant quoting system is the easiest of any of our competitors, takes only a few minutes to complete and in almost every case, provides you with all the necessary information you require. Phone bookings incur an additional charge for each booking.

Can I drop my parcel directly at the depot?

Yes. To do so, book and pay for your parcel shipment using our parcel delivery instant quote system. Then contact us and we will instruct you on how to arrange to drop off your parcel at your local depot.

Can I send cash?

No. Currency of any denomination is on the list of Prohibited items.

Can I send credit cards?

No, unfortunately we are not able to ship credit/debit cards anymore. Please refer to Prohibited items for more information.

Can I send engines?

All shipments containing used automotive parts such as engines and gearboxes that may have been exposed to potentially hazardous/flammable/toxic etc. substances must be drained of all fluids and certified as such before collection can be arranged. read more

The parts must either be crated or strapped to a pallet. Failure to do so will cause delays or could result in the item being stopped in transit for the customer to collect at their own expense. For further assistance please contact us.

Can I send jewellery?

No gold, silver, watches, precious stones or other jewellery of this nature can be sent through DHL. read more

Costume jewellery is acceptable as long as the value of each single item does not exceed $100 US and the total consignment value is not more than $25,000 US.

Enhanced cover is available and is highly recommended.

Can you collect worldwide and deliver worldwide?

Yes. In fact, this is an area in which we excel and are a true market innovator. If you've already tried to arrange for a parcel to move from, say, Argentina to Belgium, you've likely discovered that this process is very difficult, frustrating and expensive from any location other than Argentina or Belgium. We've produced a proprietary software programme that enables you to arrange such a parcel delivery, easily and cheaply.

Do I need to be in when the parcel collection is made?

Yes, you or someone else must be present. Our agent' collection services offer you the ease of having your shipment collected at your home or office; however, you or another authorized person must be present at the time of parcel collection. read more

Why Is This?

Our agents carry out thousands of pick-ups daily and operate on a basis of efficiency and accuracy. As such, they need to be able to speak with you or another authorized and knowledgeable individual who can provide them with the parcel, pro forma invoices, and air waybill, and answer any additional questions that our agent driver may have.

Do I need to have an account?

No. Approximately 40% of our customers are UK-registered businesses that have registered accounts with us. read more

The remainder of our customers are either private individuals or businesses that opt to pay for their shipments online via one of our accepted payment methods.

register for an account today and benefit from weekly invoicing and faster parcel delivery booking.

Do you collect at weekends?

No. Your collection can only be arranged Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays) between 8:30 am and 5:30pm. read more

However, if your parcel absolutely needs to be picked up over the weekend - as the case might be if you are leaving the country and need your parcel to be shipped the following Monday - we might be able to arrange for one of our couriers to collect your parcel to hold in our warehouse until the next business day. Additional charges will apply for weekend collections.

Do you import parcels as well as export them?

Yes. In fact, we can move just about any parcel, assuming it does not exceed maximum allowable weight/dimensions, from any location to any other location worldwide. read more

Simply use our parcel delivery system, selecting any location for collection and any location for the destination of the parcel, and we'll provide you with the best prices from a selection of leading international courier companies.

How do I amend my booking?

If you wish to amend your booking, we recommend that you contact us immediately.

How do I cancel a booking?

As this is an automated service, you will need to contact us to stop a booking. read more

If your parcel has already been picked up, you may be charged the full amount you were quoted to cancel your booking and have your parcel returned to you. Whether you are charged or not is entirely dependent upon whether our agents charge us.

How do I delete a booking?

If you wish to delete a booking before your booking online is completed, simply click on the trash bin icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. read more

If you have completed your booking, contact us immediately to cancel your collection. If your cancellation takes effect before our agents have picked up your parcel you will be refunded in full.

If the driver has arrived and collected your parcel, we can still arrange to cancel your booking, but you may be charged in full. This is due to the fact that we may be charged by our agents for this booking as they have booked space on the plane for your parcel, have arranged for the driver to pick up the parcel and will now have to arrange to return the parcel to you.

How do I get a quote?

Obtaining a quote is simple and fast with our parcel delivery instant quote system. You'll receive the most competitive quotes from our selection of leading international courier companies.

How do I protect specific shipment items?

Some special items are more liable to be damaged than others and can be easily spoiled if not packed properly. read more

Important Note

We and our agents will accept no liability for the packaging advice provided. The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation.

Leaflets And Documents

Avoid loose paper by wrapping your brochures in brown craft-paper and insert the pack in an appropriately sized box or, if the weight is less than 4kg, a DHL flyer.
Small quantities of, for example, leaflets, brochures or documents up to a thickness of 10 mm can be sent directly in a DHL flyer. For larger quantities, up to a thickness of 45 mm, loose paper should be placed in a box.
Strap your box whenever possible.
Binders and loose brochures or documents should be packed in larger boxes. Do not leave empty spaces inside the box; instead fill the empty space with cushioning material.


Books are especially vulnerable at the corners. Pack your books in top-quality corrugated fibreboard, allowing a 20mm overlap at the ends. Place the wrapped book in a flyer where appropriate.
If your books are not suitable to be placed in a flyer, pack the wrapped books inside an appropriately sized box. Fill in with cushioning material.


Powders must be packed so as not to damage other shipments.
Place the powder in a securely sealed heavy-duty plastic bag, and then place the bag inside a solid corrugated drum-shaped cardboard container with a tightly sealed top.


All liquid containers must be securely sealed in order to avoid leaks caused by vibration or shocks during transit. Poor preparation may cause your shipment to damage other shipments or our handling systems. In extreme cases it may even lead to injury.
Wrap the containers in an impermeable material and, if possible, add sufficient absorbent material to absorb the liquid in case of cracking.
Do not use loose cushioning material, but tight and dense materials such as foam or corrugated cardboard.
Separate bottles with cushioning material so they do not touch each other.

Viscose Fluids

Semi-liquids, greases and strong-smelling products can damage other shipments if not properly packed.
Pack these products in strong tins, preferably made of aluminium. Fit the lid tightly and seal with heavy-duty adhesive tape or click systems. Wrap the tin in greaseproof corrugated paper to prevent it from leaking.

Maps And Blueprints

Roll your maps, plans and blueprints and insert them into a DHL Express Tube or equivalent. Do not use cylindrical tubes.
Securely seal both ends of the tube.

Photographic Prints

Wrap your prints in thin paper and insert them in a DHL Express Envelope or similar envelope.

Electrical Equipments

The manufacturer's packaging is often designed for marketing purposes and may not be appropriate to use for shipping. Use additional packaging according to the size, weight and fragility of the product.
Always use strong cardboard boxes, allowing sufficient cushioning material all around the items.
Anti-static packaging products are available in the market, to prevent damage to electronic parts.

Sports Racquets

Sports racquets should be firmly "sandwiched" on the frame with strong double wall corrugated cardboard sheets, allowing at least 25 mm (6.4 inches) of overlap.
Use a tube-type box to protect the handle.
Use strong tape to tie up both parts and wrap up with strong cardboard paper.

Toys And Games

The manufacturer's packaging is often designed for marketing purposes and may not be appropriate to use for shipping. Use additional packaging according to the size, weight and fragility of the product.
Always use strong corrugated cardboard boxes, allowing enough space for cushioning material and avoid leaving empty spaces around the items.

Important Notes

Fastlane Couriers and our agents will accept no liability for the packaging advice provided. The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation.

How do I send a large parcel?

If you're searching for a courier company that can send a large parcel, you've found the right company. We specialize in sending large parcels within the UK or to any location around the world. read more

If your large parcel is also very heavy, we can provide parcel delivery solutions for this type of parcel too. Simply use our parcel delivery instant quote system and we'll provide the best prices for your large parcel from our selection of leading international courier companies.

Special Delivery Service

If your parcel is very large, please use our special delivery service. Our team will then find the best freight prices for your needs.

How do I track my shipment without my air waybill number?

While we strongly advise you to make a record of your air waybill number, it is possible to track your shipment without it under certain conditions. If you have your shipper's reference number and/or Fastlane International's booking reference number, please contact us for your tracking number.

How do your services work?

We specialize in domestic and international express parcel delivery services. We were founded in 1985, and our experience tells us that customers want best-in-class service and want it at the most competitive price. read more

Proud Partners With Leading International Couriers

This is why we're proud partners with DHL, the global leader in express delivery, as well as TNT, City Link, Nightfreight, UK Mail and a host of specialist independent carriers. Because we handle vast numbers of parcel delivery movements daily, our purchasing power with these agents means we receive very competitive rates for their express services. These rates allow us to add on our mark-up while still offering you a price that is usually far below what you'd be quoted elsewhere on express delivery services. In fact, we receive regular enquiries from customers who have received a quote from us online, asking us to confirm that we haven't misquoted them! Of course, misquoting is never the case; we simply work on a model that is based on lower margins and higher sales volume than our competitors. The result is a win-win for you and us and is backed by the delivery of the global market leader in international express services - DHL.

How is the Duty rate determined?

Goods are classified using the Customs Tariff in order to arrive at the rate of Duty. The EU uses a ten-digit coding and there are approximately 14,000 classifications.

You can obtain these tariff code from either this website or by calling 01702 366 077

How is VAT charged?

The VAT due on any sale is a percentage of the sale price but from this the taxable person is entitled to deduct all the tax already paid at the preceding stage. read more

Therefore, double taxation is avoided and tax is paid only on the value added at each stage of production and distribution. In this way, as the final price of the product is equal to the sum of the values added at each preceding stage, the final VAT paid is made up of the sum of the VAT paid at each stage. VAT-registered traders are given a number and have to show the VAT charged to customers on invoices. In this way, the customer, if he is a registered trader, knows how much he can deduct in turn and the consumer knows how much tax he has paid on the final product. In this way the correct VAT is paid in stages and to a degree the system is self-policing.

How long will it take my parcel to reach its destination?

International delivery dates and times are for door to door services, though this does not include local customs clearance. Certain commodities and high-value shipments may require additional transit time for Customs clearance. read more

The transit times presented are based on business days and are revised occasionally due to changes in technology, distribution and volume. The transit times reflect our agents regular delivery schedule, but are not guaranteed. When you obtain your quote through our parcel delivery quote system, you will receive the estimated time required for your parcel to reach its final destination.

If a transit time is not visible please request an estimate from customer services. Our agent's services include the time normally required for standard Customs clearance. The transit times shown to these countries reflect service for dutiable shipments and may be faster for non-dutiable shipments. Service to some remote areas may require additional delivery days. See the terms and conditions of Service and Carriage. Certain commodities and high-value shipments may require additional transit time for Customs clearance. Scheduled business days are revised occasionally due to changes in technology, distribution and volume. Service to some remote areas may require additional delivery days. If you are uncertain about whether your area is a remote area, please contact us for more information.

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