Your web site does not show me the telephone number!

We realise that there are some cases where you just need to speak to someone to answer your queries, however we've found that more than 90% of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) can be answered online. Our goal is to increase that to 95% in 2010.
Why? Because we run a low-cost business model, which means that, we make every attempt to keep our fixed costs down. Maintaining an in-house call centre adds to our costs that in turn force us to increase our prices. The overwhelming percentage of customer's surveyed say they would much rather have lower prices across the board rather than a dedicated call centre. This is particularly true with Fastlane International Couriers, as we have the most comprehensive FAQ section of any competitor in the industry and we continue to expand our FAQ section.
In fact, if you have any suggestions for questions that should be included in our "Fast FAQ" section, please contact us at support@flci.co.uk.

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